Our Exposure in the Media Industry

At R Design Studio Inc., we have been privileged to be featured in various media outlets. Over the years, we have received recognition in both the print and digital media space, solidifying our status as a reputable brand in the industry.


A man with a beard and mustache wearing a jacket.

Inspiring Conversations with Roger Zwickel of R Design Studio

Impact of Media Exposure

Industry Recognition: The media exposure has earned us recognition as industry leaders, setting us apart from our competitors.

Increased Credibility: Being featured in reputable press publications has boosted our credibility in the eyes of our clients, partners, and the industry at large.

Moving Forward

As we continue to grow and evolve, we look forward to more media exposure. We are committed to maintaining our high standards and delivering innovative designs that will continue to attract media attention.

This exposure is not only a testament to our hard work and dedication but also a promise of our commitment to excellence.